This Resource Page is a simple place to find information on websites and conference calls as well as download various documents and powerpoint presentations.


Amazing Molecules – Cycle of Success Tools


Product & – Got 5 minutes? This short pique interest video will give your prospects a great preview of the ASEA technology and opportunity.
Product Only: – Got 4 minutes? This short pique interest video will give your prospect a great preview of the ASEA technology with no mention of the business.


Product –(ask your upline for password) Includes a 7-minute overview video explaining ASEA’s Redox technology plus lots of very powerful video testimonials. Real people sharing Real Redox Results!

Business Only: –(ask your upline for password) Includes videos on the business, how the money is made, plus Associate success stories.


Product & Business:  – This two-page site gives someone interested in Cell Performance all the information they require to make a great decision.

Product Only: – The one-page site has great information on the products only. No mention of Business.


Product & – This is the main resource for people wanting to learn more about the ASEA Products or the Opportunity. Includes most popular videos and PDF Documents.

Product Only: – This is the main resource for people wanting to get additional information on any of the ASEA Products. No mention of business.


Associate Training: – The site you are on right now! This site is designed to help you and your new associate get started right.


Usage Guide: – Help your associates and customers maximize their redox experience, by understanding some of the simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to using our cutting edge redox technology.

ASEA Associate Websites

ASEA is where your customers can BUY and associates can JOIN your team. You choose this username at time of enrollment.
ASEA Virtual– Login into your account with your username and password to track your business as it grows.

Additional Presentation Tools

Health Professionals (Ask your upline for password) – This is where several recorded webinars with health and medical professionals discussing the ASEA technology are archived.

Animal (Ask your upline for password) – recorded webinars with animal experts who discuss their experiences using the ASEA technology with animals.

Science Web – It is certainly NOT necessary to understand the science behind “Redox” to be successful in the business. However, for those interested, this website is a great resource.

Redox Experiences: (ask upline for password) – another fantastic resource for redox testimonials. Organized in health categories.

ASEA Corporate Websites

ASEA – This is the official online home of ASEA Corporate.

ASEA – Need to book or purchase a ticket for an important ASEA event, Regional or Convention? This is where you go.

ASEA – ASEA’s website dedicated to the scientific validation of our Redox Technology.

I am – Learn more about associates who make up much of the field leadership in ASEA. The monthly In Touch call is also archived here.

ASEA YOUTUBE – this is where ASEA Corporate houses it’s various videos.


These ASEA groups can be used to Add – Tag – Message (ATM) prospects (and associates) who are already on Facebook and share information with them.

This group contains lots of exciting product testimonials. Perfect for prospects still learning about ASEA as well as existing Associates. Ask your sponsor/upline to invite you to this private group.

This group is for new customers to get the most out of their product experience.

This group is designed to keep Associates connected and informed on building the business and important events.


ASEA ASSOCIATE SUPPORT (US) – (801) 973-7499 Mon -Thurs (9am-5pm MST) (Fri to 10pm) This is the number to call if you have a question concerning a particular order or autoship, a commission check or are requesting a placement change. NOTE: Please call your upline support team with product, business building or comp plan related questions.

ASSOCIATE SUPPORT (INTERNATIONAL) – Log into with your username and password. Then go to Menu / Resources / Associate Support Contact Information.

ASEA COMMISSION WEEK: The Commission week ends Friday Midnight Eastern Time (This is Midnight New York time). You can use to find the equivalent time for your city. Also, please be aware of American time going forward and back an hour during the year. This does not happen at the same time worldwide.


The following presentations and trainings are available for download. If a script is available, then it has been included in the note section of each slide. Each download link is only good for 100 downloads. If this limit has been reached, and you are unable to download the presentation you want, then please contact me and I will reset the link.

Amazing Molecules Presentations

The Redox BreakthroughClick Here  to download the PowerPoint presentation

The ASEA OpportunityClick Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

ASEA VIA Presentation Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Discover ASEA PresentationClick Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Introduction to the Comp PlanClick Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Amazing Molecules Trainings

Comp Plan Training OverviewClick Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Comp Plan Training Part 1Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Comp Plan Training Part 2Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Comp Plan Training Part 3Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

CELL Performance PDFs

Sample Pack Business Cover Letter: Click Here  to download the PDF

Sample Pack Testimonials: Click Here to download the PDF